About Me

A British national born in Mozambique with Portuguese background, trained as an architect (Architectural Association and East London University) and has worked in architecture in London, Ahmedabad (B. K. Doshi - Pritzker 2018) and Imadol (Nepal). As well as in the art industry, travelling around the world with the Bicha Gallery, which he co-founded with John Bryson (2007 - 2015).
Antonio successfully completed an MA by Project - Architecture for Rapid Change and Scarce Resources degree at London Metropolitan University (2015-16), focusing his research in co-design principles to empower and lead to envision a better, freer future, working mainly with children of migrant workers in Imadol, Nepal.
From this MA research Antonio developed the Architecture and Design Awareness Workshops series that he facilitates to students in primary and secondary schools in London and abroad. He is currently seeking a PhD supervisor and university to take his studies further into a PhD programme, looking at the Finnish model and how to implement architectural studies as part of the primary school curriculum in the UK.
Antonio teaches a Vertical Studio called “Material Matters – The Future of Construction” at the Welsh School of Architecture for 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students, in which he asks them to look at architecture through the prism of sustainable construction materials. The students’ research and architectural proposals in response to the brief have been very positive - one group focused on air as an architectural material, another on mycelium and the other on jute - as too is their feedback in response to his teaching.
His leadership, multicultural and multidisciplinary background, together with his project management and interpersonal skills have been key in conducting projects in architecture, interior design, landscape design, curation and community engagement. Antonio views the world from a broad perspective, constantly exploring new geographical and cultural territories, keeping the essential human qualities in mind, looking at the common ground whist celebrating diversity.

BA (Hons), BSc Arch, Dip Arch RIBA II, MA ARCSR